Axis Bank customers can access accounts on WhatsApp

Axis Bank said the service will allow users to get information about account balance, transactions, card payments, fixed and recurring deposit details

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  • Updated On - March 4, 2021 / 03:44 PM IST
Axis Bank customers can access accounts on WhatsApp
The bank is giving its debit and credit cardholders a flat 15% cashback on partner e-commerce portals

New Delhi: Axis Bank on March 3 said it will be available on popular social messaging app WhatsApp and will allow basic banking services, including account balance, and transactions history.

The third-largest private sector lender said the service will allow customers to seek information regarding their account balance, recent transactions, credit card payments, fixed and recurring deposit details, besides getting their queries answered in real-time. The facilities will be available to both the bank and non-bank customers, it said.

Among others, people can put their queries about nearest branch, ATM, loan centre location. Customers can also apply for various banking products through WhatsApp, it said. They can also block their credit or debit cards using the secure end-to-end encrypted messaging channel.

Axis Bank said all the services on WhatsApp Banking will be available 24X7, including holidays.

“Our objective is to re-define the role we can play in the life of our customers, by elevating digital banking to new domains of customer engagement.

“This technology will not only enhance customer experience but also provide a seamless and personalized experience to all our customers, as well as non-customers,” said Sameer Shetty, EVP, and Head–Digital Banking, Axis Bank.

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