Ira Puranik

Currently working as a Senior content producer. Ira has formerly worked as a business journalist with The Economic Times, News18 and Moneycontrol. She has a keen interest in making finance accessible and easy to understand. An Alum of DU, AJK MCRC Jamia, she is also a 2022 Tow-Knight fellow from the Craig Newmark graduate school of journalism, City University of New York.
  • NPS more popular in north than south

    NPS more popular in north than south

    86% of those enrolled in NPS felt far more confident about their retirement as compared to 74% of those who had not joined the NPS ecosystem

  • Hike guaranteed pension under APY: PFRDA asks Govt

    Hike guaranteed pension under APY: PFRDA asks Govt

    APY largely caters to social security of India’s unorganized sector, offering them flexibility in terms of contributions. This means that one does not need to put aside a specific amount for their APY account every month.

  • 11 managers, tier-2 default scheme: All that's happening with NPS

    DSP added as 11th fund manager

    The employees will have the flexibility to continue with the default scheme account, even if they switch to a different sector. What's more, the account under tier-2 default scheme can be opened with a minimum contribution amount.

  • UPI now preferred for micro-transactions

    UPI now preferred for micro-transactions

    The average ticket size i.e. the average amount paid per UPI transaction has also come down from Rs 885 in January 2022 to Rs 653 in June, 2023

  • What are the legal rights of a tenant?

    If you are troubled by your landlord or Resident Welfare Association (RWA), do not tolerate it silently. There are many ways in which you can protect yourself from their abuse. How? Find out in this video-

  • Indians saving more in physical assets than financial: FinMin, SBI

    Indians choosing car, house over shares

    As per data from the Finance Ministry, home loans have consistently registered double digit growths since May 2021. Even vehicle loans have been growing at a solid 20% since September 2022

  • Crypto continues to lose its sheen

    Crypto continues to lose its sheen

    Yesterday, after the Fed decided to keep the benchmark interest rate unchanged between 5.25-5.5%, bitcoin fell 0.6% over the last 24 hours to trade at $26,612.21 today

  • No takers for graduates below 25 years, notes SWI 2023 report

    Unemployment at 7.8%, per CMIE

    In 2004, salaried women workers only made 70% of what their male counterparts did. By 2017, women had begun making 76% of what men did. However, the pay disparity has not narrowed since

  • OPS harmful in the long-run, says RBI

    OPS harmful in the long-run, says RBI

    A recent RBI bulletin highlighted that the long-term financial damage of going back to OPS far outweighs the short-term lure of OPS

  • This Restoration Is Needed!

    Restoration facility is proving to be a good option to increase insurance cover in health insurance. But there are many conditions attached to the use of restoration. Because of this, this facility does not work many times