International Yoga Day: Five free-of-cost apps to take care of your health

International Yoga Day: These free apps can help you stay fit both mentally and physically. Download them today to take care of your health

June 21 is celebrated as International Yoga Day. So if you haven't embraced yoga as a part of life yet, here we list you 5 apps that can help up your fitness game from today.
Yoga Daily Fitness, an android, free-of-cost app, provides step-by-step guide to learn any yoga pose. It also has a 30-day workout plan that can be availed.
Yoga For Beginners is the perfect app for those stepping into the world of yoga & meditation for the first time. The app provides voice-guided workouts you can design or choose from a library within the app itself.
The Yoga Studio is a well customised app that provides over 130 videos and meditations ranging from 5 to 60 minutes. One can browse through various videos and plan a routine accordingly.
There's a huge list of customised virtual yoga classes with various asanas. A step-by-step voice instruction is embedded in all the videos for greater ease of the audience.
If you have a busy schedule all day, download the Glo app to view a collection of short yoga tutorials, videos, and guided exercises. It gives you a reminder to find time for practising yoga & meditation on a daily basis.

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