• Special Agreement Should Be In Spotlight

    In conversation with Ameet Venkeshwar, Business Head, LoanTap; How different is the UPI system for NRIs and foreign nationals?

  • Decoding NPCI's Whirlwind On PPI

    Last week NPCI put out a circular saying that PPI transactions will be charged an interchange fee of 1.1%

  • Gaming Caught In A Tangled Gameplay

    Confusion on taxing games, Ban on online games, and blocking of access for payment gateways towards illegal games; All of this happening amidst the Indian Premier League where people bet on players and teams through online sports fantasy platforms. What's going on in the gaming industry?

  • ONDC Thunderstrikes At Lightning Pace

    In the past while ordering food on Swiggy and Zomato the total cost of food items used to be high. This includes the delivery cost and other taxes. Now, ONDC is changing all of that.

  • Why Are Startups Losing Heft?

    Many venture capital companies have cut down valuation of new age techs and startups. These include likes of Swiggy, Byju's and OYO. Watch this video to know why is this happening?

  • End Game For Debit Cards

    Ever since contactless payments like UPI became popular, debit card transactions have considerably declined. With increasing smartphone penetration using UPI is quite simpler for both consumers and merchants alike. So is it game over for debit cards?

  • The Ultimate Data Heist!

    Chinese brands like Oppo and Vivo have been dominating the Indian smartphone market owing to their best features and affordable prices. One such brand-RealMe is under fire from the govt for allegedly stealing data from its users. Not only that smartphone companies are also accessing user's location without their location. Watch this episode of Finomoney to know.

  • The Dark Side Of E-Commerce

    The ministry of consumer affairs has brought the dark patterns of e-commerce platforms to light. It has asked e-commerce companies to stop using such unfair trade practices and has identified nine different types of dark patterns used by e-commerce platforms.

  • The New Way To Get A Loan

    Easy availability of loans and simplification of the loan disbursal process are some of the reasons that has increased the demand for digital loans.

  • Loans Not For Everybody!

    With RBI making regulatory changes to the FLDG arrangements, BNPL companies have tightened up their underwriting guidelines. This makes it difficult for new to credit customers to get loans.