• A Small Token Of Scams

    The subject of cryptocurrencies continues to be murky with the rising number of scams in the country. What are these scames and how do they work?

  • Why Are PSU Banks Facing CTO Exodus?

    Many CTOs and digital heads of PSU banks hired from private sector through lateral hiring are leaving their jobs in droves. PSU banks had the best opportunity to fill the void left by Paytm by offering seamless digital experience to customers with the best talent available, but they have seemed to squander it.

  • Google's Googly To Indian Startups!

    Google had delisted ten apps from its Play Store recently owing to non-compliance with its billing policy. Though the apps were reinstalled immediately, the tech giant’s policies continue to have adverse impact on biz operations of startups

  • Paytm Payments Dishonoured!

    Paytm has been the poster boy of the Indian digital payments ecosystem for many years. But RBI has put its wallet business under restrictions. What exactly went wrong and for how long has the issue been brewing?

  • Fintechs All Over!

    How have fintech companies become multi-services platforms? How fintech companies have made access to financial services easier in small towns?

  • Digital Payments Set For Makeover!

    2024 is finally here and now its time to take a look at some of the trends that are going to take the fintech world by storm; Also know how can you start your investment journey this year by using digital payments apps.

  • Stay Away From These Dark Alleys!

    RBI raises auto pay limit on UPI!

  • Go Premium To Save Extra Cash

    At a time when inflation continues to burn your pocket, how can you buy your favourite products without spending too much of your hard earned money.

  • End Of The Road For Debit Cards?

    Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the usage of UPI has been reaching new highs. Due to this debit cards are seeing a downfall in the number of transactions both in terms of value and volume. So can UPI put debit cards out of business?

  • Loans Not For Everybody!

    With RBI making regulatory changes to the FLDG arrangements, BNPL companies have tightened up their underwriting guidelines. This makes it difficult for new to credit customers to get loans.