• Avoid These Hiccups in Loan Transfer!

    What is home loan balance transfer? When should the loan be transferred from one bank to another? What things should be kept in mind while transferring home loan? What mistakes should be avoided in loan transfer?

  • The Tale of Hidden Charges!

    In case of home loan, we focus only on EMI. We do not pay attention to the charges hidden in it. What charges come with a home loan? What is the processing fee for a home loan? What are the legal and valuation fees in home loan?

  • Go Commercial to Earn More!

    Which property is right to buy from investment point of view? When would it be appropriate to buy residential property i.e. houses or flats? How much will be the rental income from residential property and commercial property?

  • Buy a House Online, But...

    What are the risks in buying a house on a real estate portal? To what extent is it right to trust realty portals to buy a house? What precautions should be taken while making a deal on realty portal?

  • Loan On Loan!

    If you are repaying a home loan and need money for home renovation, then, is home loan top-up a good option? What is its interest rate? Why is home loan top-up better than personal loan?

  • Why and When to Buy Used House!

    While buying a house, most people have a dilemma whether to buy a resale property or an under-construction one. What is resale property?

  • Looking For Cheaper Houses Here They Are

    How can buy auctioned property? How can you find out about the property being auctioned? How cheap such properties are? What should you check about a property before bidding?

  • How Good Is This Offer!

    During the festive season, real estate developers launch many offers and discounts. Is it right to buy a house just by looking at the offers? Apart from the offer, what else should one check while buying a house?

  • Is Your Property Dealer Bankable?

    While buying a house, there are many difficulties ranging from finding the desired house to paperwork. A real estate broker can reduce your problems. How to Choose the Right Real Estate Broker? What qualities should a real estate broker have? Where to complain if the agent messes up?

  • Now, Bank Will Pay The Fine!

    The decision of the Reserve Bank will provide relief to the loaners and stop the arbitrariness of the banks. Within how many days will the banks have to return the property documents to the customer after repayment of the loan? How much compensation will banks have to pay for making any delay?