• Can Husband Claim Wife's Property?

    Who has the first right on the property of a Hindu woman after her death? When can husband not get a share in his wife's property? Lets find out!

  • New Builder, New Payment!

    Work is starting again on the stalled project after RERA's intervention. In such a situation, new builders are asking for extra money to build houses. Will banks give additional amount to home buyers? How citizens can get additional amount for stranded house? What documents will be required to apply for the enhanced loan? How can you reduce loan interest rates?

  • No Construction Without Permission!

    It is mandatory to take approval for building plan before construction!

  • Why Are Land Loans Costlier?

    Taking a home loan to buy a house or flat is easier than taking a loan for land ie land loan. How can you get loan for land? What will be the interest rate and how different is it from home loan? Find out in this video

  • Here's A New Way To Earn More!

    Many people intend to buy property for extra income. They will continue to earn from rent and will also become owner of a property. In terms of investment, should you buy a residential property or a commercial property? What is the percentage of return from rent in residential property? What are the things you should consider while buying a property?

  • Can RERA Really Help You?

    What to do if there is a delay in getting the possession of the land? When can one complain against the builder with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority i.e. RERA? How can you make a complaint in RERA? What are the things to keep in mind while buying a house? How much fees is levied for making a complaint in RERA?

  • How To Deal With RWAs!

    There are allegations that RWAs work without elections and are involved in financial irregularities

  • This Licence Can Give You Peace!

    Landlords worry about the rent while renting a house. They do not pay attention to legal details, especially the rent agreement. What is Leave and License Agreement? Why should a Leave and License Agreement be made instead of a Rent Agreement?

  • Onus Falls On Builder!

    Before booking flat if you do a little research you can avoid trouble later on!

  • Now, Bank Will Pay The Fine!

    The decision of the Reserve Bank will provide relief to the loaners and stop the arbitrariness of the banks. Within how many days will the banks have to return the property documents to the customer after repayment of the loan? How much compensation will banks have to pay for making any delay?