• Even These Can Save You Taxes!

    Where to invest to save more income tax? Which tax regime has more tax benefits? How does health insurance help you save taxes along with reducing treatment expenses?

  • How Does NPS Help In Tax Saving?

    One of the important benefits of NPS is tax saving. In this you can save tax while saving for future. How to save tax on your contribution in NPS scheme? In which tax regime will tax exemption be available and under which section?

  • Most Important Condition for Tax Waiver

    The GoI recently waived-off pending taxes for FY2011 and from FY2011 - FY2015.

  • Spend to Save Tax!

    Most people try to save a lot of tax under Section 80C by investing in schemes like Public Provident Fund (PPF), National Pension Scheme (NPS) and ELSS. However, we forget such tax saving methods which can help in saving tax without investment. Lets find out which are those?

  • This Donation Can Prove Costly!

    The IT Dept has tightened its grip against those who evaded tax by donating to small political parties. Notices have been sent to about 5,000 taxpayers. How was this whole game of tax evasion going on? How did Income Tax come to know about this? What things you should keep in mind while you claim tax deduction on donations?

  • Even Investing Is Taxing!

    Many people transfer money r\from one mutual fund scheme to another.

  • Get Tax Breaks 0n Rent Paid To Spouse!

    The time has come to give account of the savings you have made to save taxes in the financial year 2023-24.

  • Old or New: Which One Suits You?

    There is a lot of confusion regarding difference new and old tax regime. Let us find out tax benefits you get in the old tax regime. How much tax can you save?

  • Should You Invest in ELSS?

    What is ELSS? How suitable is it for tax saving? Who should invest in ELSS? What are the benefits of doing tax planning at the beginning of the financial year?

  • In The Grip of I-T Deptt!

    Now, you will have to tell how much cash did you receive!