Buying a property? Know why it is important get mutation done

Mutation in common parlance is the process of transfer of a property from one person to another in the government's revenue record.

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  • Updated On - November 11, 2021 / 03:09 PM IST
Buying a property? Know why it is important get mutation done

Gaje Singh bought a plot in the freehold colony in Ghaziabad, adjacent to Delhi. He had just started building the house when two more people came and claimed the same plot as theirs. The matter got complicated when both the claimants had also registered for the plot. Singh’s dream to live under his own roof was destroyed in a moment. His entire family who was looking forward to this new phase of happiness felt highly dejected. But how is it possible that three parties were registered for the same plot? And who is the legal owner of the property?

The answer is simple, which most of us are unaware of.

The situation arose for Singh because he had not done the mutation of the plot, due to which he could not get the ownership rights of it.

What is mutation?

Mutation in common parlance is the process of transfer of a property from one person to another in the government’s revenue record. Only after this process is completed, the person gets legal rights over the respective land. Therefore, it is necessary to get the mutation completed after buying any land.


– A large number of illegal colonies are being set up in the country. Once the mutation is done, the chances of cheating are reduced to a great extent.

– Shantinagar Colony was established on government land in Ghaziabad. Later, notices were issued from the city side to demolish it.

– Such apprehensions can be avoided to a great extent after the transfer of land is done in your name in the government’s land records.

– If any land is illegally occupied and is government’s or it comes in submergence area, then buying plot in it will prove to be risky.

– After the mutation is done, if any former owner sells this land in a fraudulent way, then you can fight a legal battle.

– The property dealer will not be able to sell the same plot again and again, once the mutation process is complete. Even if this happens, you will not be harmed.

– If any land is purchased and is acquired by a government agency, then its compensation will not be available if the mutation is not done.

– If the house is damaged at the time of natural calamity, then only those people who have the land in their name get government relief during that time.

– Banks and other financial institutions do not give loans to buy plots or build houses on it without the mutation.

Money9 suggests

A Khasra can cover a large area of ​​land. No matter how many registries can be done through this, but the mutation will be on the basis of actual acreage. Therefore, before buying any plot or agricultural land, make sure that this land is not illegally occupied. While getting the registration done, discuss with the lawyer the legality of the property. Talk about getting rejected from the same. There is a fixed period for dismissal of the filing. Many times, when the intention is bad, the seller itself puts an impediment in the dismissal by raising objections. Therefore, make a responsible person a mediator while making a deal.

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