Five reasons why creating wealth is not an easy task

Economic conditions, industry scenario and global markets are some of the many reasons which affect the certainty of regular income flows

  • Viral Bhatt
  • Updated On - September 27, 2021 / 09:48 AM IST
Five reasons why creating wealth is not an easy task

A lot has been said and done regarding creating wealth in order to secure the future financially. While many people find it necessary and important, many do not pay heed to it. So, what is this wealth creation about?

Perhaps, some would define it as an approach of gathering earnings or creating properties over an extended period of time or some would define it as a measure of affluence.

Why exists a requirement to create wealth

We all aim to create wealth to satisfy our needs and objectives. Wealth is developed for numerous reasons like a comfy as well as pleased retired life, education and also marital relationship of youngsters, health treatment emergency situations, going or purchasing a home for international journeys, or might be to manage a dilemma scenario. Thus to meet these costs or satisfying these objectives, one requires to consistently to invest and create a corpus in the long-term.

Lastly the huge concern is how do we create wealth?

EARN – First step in the direction of wealth creation is making money.

CONSERVE– after that, we involve one of the most evident components– Saving. After that, we would certainly never ever be able to create wealth for ourselves if we do not conserve a specified section of our incomes. In order to create wealth, we require to reduce our existing usage to fulfill future backups.

The above pyramid aids us to recognize the actions associated with wealth creation.

> Anyone needs to be cognizant of his existing network and also his monetary objectives. It makes the task of wealth creation less complicated, regarding just how much we have as well as what much more is called for.

> The following step is eliminating any kind of financial debt. Due to the fact that unless as well as till we clear our responsibilities we will not have the ability to take pleasure in the flexibility of using our properties.

> Post this step starts the real trip of wealth creation. The even more well-informed we are and also the even more details we accumulate concerning the monetary markets we will be able to use our sources to optimize returns. Preparation, as well as the application of strategies, is called for to create wealth.

> As well as lastly safeguarding our wealth using rational and also practical activities like purchasing high earnings creating alternatives without resource disintegration. Stabilizing the profile as well as re-balancing it from time to time.

Though the whole thing seems easy, it is not. Choosing the correct investment avenues, investing in it continuously over a long term and balancing the portfolio time to time makes the whole process a very difficult job. Add to it the following reasons and you almost give up the whole process. Let us see why creating wealth is not a child’s task:

Factor 1: Uncertainty of ongoing earnings

A government employee, who is not forced to face the uncertainties of job change, layoffs, retrenchments, termination etc., enjoys his position till compulsory retirement. But then only a handful of Indians enjoy a Government job while others are in the private sector where continued employment in one company is not guaranteed. There is another section of investors who are self-employed like businessmen or professionals. The fear of cyclical or uncertain earnings always looms over them. Some may be fortunate enough to generate equal and handsome earnings for themselves throughout life, but this is rarely true. Economic conditions, political state of affairs, industry scenario and global markets are some of the many reasons which affect the certainty of regular income flows.

Factor 2: Quantum of investment

Investor might not have the ability to add the preferred amount each month throughout the financial investment duration. As we expand our costs and expenses expand with us. Individuals currently go in for luxurious homes, huge automobiles, hi-fi mobiles as well as gizmos, consuming out, international trips and so on and also damage their financial investments to satisfy these expenditures or might not be able to conserve as much as preferred as well as needed.

One more huge factor is that the rising cost of living influences all of us. The rates of solutions and also products are ever before boosting yet our investing power is not according to the enhancing rising cost of living price, for this reason despite the fact that we remain to make routine revenue, however, the rising cost of living might not enable us to spend consistently.

Factor 3: Absence of understanding in investing

Some of us might be extremely hostile and also some of us might be rather traditional when it comes to picking property courses for financial investments. To increase our returns, apart from individual charm in the direction of financial investment cars we must attempt to reasonably comprehend what fits us finest. These incorrect financial investments can never ever produce excellent returns as well as therefore have a negative result on the wealth creation procedure.

Factor 4: Controlling emotions

While we feel the pinch of the money that goes into a particular investment product, return may look minuscule. Due to the intrinsic nature of stock markets, the market volatility many a times take our investments on a roller coaster ride. Even though, the previous returns suggest, the ride ultimately finishes on a higher incline in the long-term.

However, billionaire investor Warren Buffet has appropriately stated- “Be greedy when others are fearful, and be fearful when others are greedy.” This statement may help most of us if we invest in equities particularly when the markets may not look good.

Control over fear and greed is very essential for a long term wealth creation.

Factor 5: Interim withdrawals

We begin spending and also if we see that we have actually constructed up a significant corpus we often tend to neglect the objective for which the corpus was produced. The objectives of creating wealth ought to be accurate and also clear as well as that’s why investor recommends an ambitious conserving method for a financially free future. To obtain the wanted corpus we ought to not interrupt this regimented as well as ambitious cost savings procedure, however, alas, we usually do and also after that we create a tone and also cry over the inefficacy of our savings when the mistake is ours!

Final thought

It is challenging to create wealth however not difficult. We need to conquer our own anxiety as well as greed to construct our much-desired wealth castle.

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