How to invest in Flexi cap mutual funds

Money9 Helpline hosted Certified Financial Planner, Surya Bhatia to resolve queries related to investment in Flexicap funds

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  • Publish Date - July 23, 2021 / 12:14 PM IST

After the changes in multicap mutual funds rules, Flexicap mutual funds have been on the rise. Experts are suggesting making Flexicap funds a core part of investors’ investment portfolios. This fund allows a fund manager to put a minimum of 65% of assets into equities with the freedom to invest remaining assets across other market capitalisation.

Money9 Helpline hosted Surya Bhatia, CFP to resolve queries related to investment in Flexicap funds

Edited excerpts:

Kaustubh: How is the recent NFO ICICI Flexi cap fund?

Bhatia: This is a new fund so there is no track record of its performance. Though its CIO, fund managers, and current performance performing well now as it has generated 10,000 crores. But I would suggest that if you already have funds in funds in this category and it is showing a fair performance, then go for existing funds.

Ashish Patel: I want to invest in a SIP of Rs 10,000 for 7 years. Please suggest a good Flexicap fund

Bhatia: There are good options in Flexi caps where you can invest.  PGIM Flexi cap has a good track record and is performing well. DST Flexi cap, UTI Flexi cap are also good options. They have a track record of 5 years, So you can prefer these funds.

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