Post offices find shelter in rural India as cities space them out

A drop in employees doesn't take away the world's largest postal service tag

Post offices find shelter in rural India as cities space them out
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Though the number of post offices have gone up in the country by 1.13% between 2017 and 2020, there has been a 1.2% dip in the number of post offices in urban areas in the same period, department data suggest.

The total number of post offices rose from 154,965 in end-March 2017 to 156,721 in end-March 2020.

Down by 195

But the number of post offices in the cities went down from 15,898, or 10.26% of the total number, to 15,703, or 10.02% of the total post offices in the country over in the same period.

Rural coverage, however, increased from 1,39,067 (or 89.74% of the total number) to 141,018 (89.98%).

The average area and population served by a post office on an average in the country changed from 21.56 sq km and 7,753 in 2017 to 20.98 sq km and 8,605 in 2020.

Fewer employees

The number of postal department employees fell between 2017 and 2020. It fell from 184,417 to 170,942 – a drop by 7.3%.

India Post is the largest postal network in the world. It has provided crucial service to the people during the pandemic.

Postal circles

There are a total 23 postal circles in the country. The maximum numbers of Head Post Offices in Tamil Nadu circle (94) and the lowest in North Eastern Circle and Jammu and Kashmir Circle (9).

Postal services got a fillip in India during the British period. British governor general Lord Dalhousie recognised  Indian Post Offices as a separate organisation of national importance.

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