This fintech platform is working on reducing financial gap in education sector

Financial crisis should not lead to inaccessibility of quality education, said Sunit Gajbhiye, Co-founder, Financepeer

At a time when education is becoming increasingly expensive and the risks of job cuts and pay-cuts are rising, new age fintech firms are working to ensure education financing is accessible to those in need. Sunit Gajbhiye, co-founder, Financepeer spoke to Money9 on how it is leading the change and bringing the education reform in the country by developing economic models for social impact.

“The startup offers zero-cost EMI-based school fee financing platform with no processing fee and no middlemen charges. On top of it, we also provide free insurance to the student which can be availed in case of financial crisis in the family”, he said.

The company also aims to reduce the financial gap in the education sector by financing the fee of the students at zero per cent interest and zero cost EMI.

Bollywood Actor, Vivek Oberoi is the strategic advisor with the start up firm and believes in the importance of providing quality education to the underprivileged and how such models can usher in major reform in the education sector. India and Mumbai Indians leading batsman Rohit Sharma is the brand ambassador for Financepeer and is helping to transform the education sector and introduce innovation across different segments of education.

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